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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hal Brown, 20 months in Portland, Oregon... A Photo Blog

I've been here in Portland since June 2014 - and taken a lot of photos. Some are at Willamette View, WILLAMETTE VIEW, the Continuing Care Home for the Morbidly Morbid* where I live, and others are from my numerous photo forays in the area. Without further blathering, here are some of the photos for your illumination, edification, and whenever you please, for your magnification (click on images).

* Not really, but we readily discuss death and dying. After all, we all come in here (more or less) on two feet, and will leave on a gurney. Actually, we are far more likely to talk about politics (most of us are liberal), or quantum mechanics - we have five or six physicists here and the talk of the place the past few days has been about gravitational waves

At the base of the Sellwood bridge, which was actually moved 30 feet a few years ago so a new bridge could be constructed. The new, much needed bridge, and it's access roads will open on Mar. 1. Portland has 13 bridges, not counting railroad bridges.

Astoria, on the coast, tower, and other photos below. It's about a 90 minute drive to the ocean.

Below: Willamette View

One of our eagles

Elk Island

From Willamette View you can see downtown Portland, and Mt. Hood. Driving around the area sometimes you can see both Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens.
Below: More of the nearby Elk Island.

These were taken at the Milwaukie farmers market

Willamette View


Willamette View


Abandoned paper mill.

Several people have asked me about what I'd recommend if they want to start long range photography with a zoom like mine which goes from the wide angle 18 mm focal length to the telephoto 300 mm.

For photographers who are interested in SLR telephoto photography, here are photos taken from in front of Waterfalls of the Manor at the following millimeter (mm) focal lengths: 18 (wide angle), 35, 70, 105, 200, and 300. Most serious amateur photographers choose between the Canon and Nikon single lens reflexes (SLRs). There are many very good SLRs, but these are usually rated to be the best, and they have the most lenses to choose from. If you haven't made your choice yet, I'd suggest Nikon only because they make an 18-300 mm zoom, the only lens most of you will ever need. (The most bang for your bucks is the Nikon 5300 body only and add the Nikor 18 -300 mm lens. Check Amazon Prime for best prices.) The Canon made zoom lenses are either 18-55 mm (which come with the kit) or several 55-250 mm lenses. Although you can crop an image taken at 55 mm, the more you crop the fuzzier it will get if you make 8x10 or larger enlargements. There are many times when most photographers would rather have the greater focal length. Unfortunately the only zooms that go from wide angle to superzoom for Canon are the lower quality Sigma and /TAMERON...(spell check keeps changing this to Cameron). The two most common uses of the long distance zooms are nature and sports photography. A number of residents and staff have told me that want to get a longer range zoom to take photos of their grandchildren playing sports. I often use the full 300 mm focal length for street photography. Questions?

Who am I anyway?